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Summer cooling purposes little common sense

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
A, keep hydrated but should drink less. Juice, Sprite, soda and other beverages, contain more saccharin and electrolytes, drink many will have undesirable stimulation on gastrointestinal tract, affect the digestion and appetite. Therefore, summer should drink more boiled water or light salt ( Sugar) Boiled water. Second, should not be thirsty after drinking. Labor and movement after sweating a lot, should not be a large number of drinking water, should be properly added some light salt ( Sugar) Around 5%, add salt, not in time, make the body water and salt proportion serious imbalance, lead to metabolic disorders. Third, solar shortwave radiation time is 10 - strong 15 or so, should try to stay away from this period of time to go out to go out, should put some sunscreen on the skin protect skin to taste, with light color had better summer clothes. Four, unfavorable excessive drinking. Human JiYun extremely easily affected by the temperature hot and humid in the summer, the hot and humid excessive is the cause of induced skin sore carbuncle swollen poison, if a large number of drinking wine, more will help warm wet, would be tantamount to add fuel to the flames. Five, the diet shoulds not be too thin. Human activity time is long, summer sweat more, used up big, should be appropriate to eat more lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs and other nutritious food, in order to satisfy the body's metabolism. Six, nap time shoulds not be too long. Nap time is too long, the central nervous deepens, less blood flow to the brain will slow metabolic process, lead to wake up in the whole body uncomfortable and more tired. The rapid cooling after seven, avoid is heated. , hot summer, people go out or labor return, love is not a full electric fans, is to wash the cold bath immediately, this will make the whole body pore closure quickly, instead of the quantity of heat inside body is hard to send out, also caused by shrinking brain blood vessels that supply is insufficient, make people dizzy. Eight, air-conditioning shoulds not be too large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. It is advisable to use air conditioning indoor and outdoor temperature difference is not more than 5 degrees, even in hot weather, air conditioning indoor temperature is unfavorable to 24 degrees Celsius.
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