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Taught you how to choose (false eyelash With eyelash stick method) , do together all eyelash pure girl! ! ! !

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
If I love and hate in the make-up steps that a ticket, I will vote for false eyelashes! Love her because if stick well, plus to eye makeup really slowly, if you don't stick good was 'an accident' ~ the whole face is its most upstage, sparkly like two big false eyelash brush, super abrupt ~ so how will be posted for their makeup false eyelash points also became the problem of a lot of girls. Small make up today about the hand and teach you how to choose suits own false eyelashes, at the same time how to false eyelashes on the most natural! False eyelash is composed of infarction and false eyelash wool. False eyelash hair is different, of course, false eyelash terrier is also different, weave relatively is also different. 1, cotton stalks. The texture of false eyelash, softness is good, eyes high comfort, also does not easy to glue, but easy to bending deformation, after off repeated utilization ratio is relatively low, but the black cotton has the effect of eyeliner, can save the eyeliner steps. 2, transparent terrier. Makeup effect is best the most natural, convenient also cut bundles to stick, can maintain the radian of originally, after off softness is better than cotton stalks more, but the downside is easy to fall off and cock. 3, woven. Glue eyelashes were arrayed in flat stem, it is relatively hard good but hold degrees, finalize the design effect is strongest. But everyday when choose cotton and transparent terrier. Most people compare use transparent terrier, because the most natural effect. But if it is swollen eyelids or wear false eyelashes easy to collapse of the eyelid, or suitable for woven terrier, because the best the most suitable for forming results. Besides choosing the material of false eyelashes, do we have to learn to look at the models of eyelash, roll become warped degrees, and is suitable for eye type. Natural brief paragraph. Super natural style, suitable for any occasion, is false eyelash of commuting to work. And true false eyelash eyelash difference is not big, have a natural crimp radian, jagged and orderly, spikes. Long long in the middle. More evident than the false eyelash of natural short paragraph in the middle of the length, is suitable for the girls' eyes a little longer, daily wear will not abrupt, is also very suitable for photo shoot. Long section. The eyelash is relatively more dense, less daily, eyelash length between strewn at random have send, the aura is stronger, more suitable for Europe and the United States makeup or some formal occasions. Thick. Is one of the most thick in the above several, the thick false eyelash more difficult can make eye ministry outline, suitable for thick makeup to wear. There is a small skills while at the same time on false eyelash, the posted in daily commuting how natural false eyelashes? Prepare glue, a pair of false eyelashes, false eyelash tweezers, small scissors. Itself first clip becomes warped eyelash besmear eyelash creams, choose the false eyelashes with transparent terrier, here for a more natural, the false eyelash with small scissors cut into a short period of a short, then squeeze soybean big glue in your hands. With a piece of false eyelash tweezers and clamped then, with a small amount of glue, starting from the tail sticking, lightly on the root ministry of eyelash, a short, short because initially effect of good pasted eyelash clip came out, this can prevent false eyelashes on the roots will fall. Wait for eyelash glue dry can't see the white glue, finally together with eyelash with own eyelash clip again, his eyelashes and false eyelash clip together that would be a more natural. Today to share with your chosen method of false eyelash also share with you the false eyelash paste method, find the most suitable for his eyes and makeup look really false eyelash would give their eye makeup very points oh ~
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