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Teach you how to choose false eyelashes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
Teach you how to choose false eyelash, hoping to help and reference to everybody. Tools/raw material steps/methods, false eyelash eyelash material: can be divided into hard and soft terrier and soft cotton stalks, according to the difference of the material, each have each advantage ( 1) Soft cotton stalk: for pure hand-made, very soft, almost no feeling when using, and use the effect is very natural, comfortable degree is admirable, but when bending the radian of false eyelash, may not be very good control; Recommend beginners more practice. ( 2) Soft terrier: just as its name implies is its degree of hardness and softness between hard terrier and soft terrier, not much of a problem when using, small defects is the use of false eyelash glue more than others. ( 3) Hard terrier: hard terrier is usually made by mass production machine, general when wearing, foreign body sensation, but this is a beautiful arc, no longer need to adjust in particular, and also not going to happen when the paste eye end and eye head tilted or shift problems, more out of shape not easily also. Three, cotton stalks of false eyelash: is the eyelash of a root with cotton silk string into a, make it streamlined, makeup and hobbies, according to the individual can be pruned, reoccupy eyelash glue to stick on the eyes. Four, the effect of false eyelash: function: round eye type of application of cotton eyelash, eyelids heavy need to adjust the system of people are using the nylon eyelashes. Color choices, false eyelash to ShiJia eyelash eyelashes rubbing together with itself appear natural, we should choose a dark brown or black for Asian women.
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