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The advantage of grafting eyelash

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
What is the grafting eyelash? Grafting eyelash is an emerging, hairdressing and beauty makeup of the rush of a technology, is to use a soft black velvet, lightweight simulation eyelashes, one to stick on your eyelash, make it easier for you thick, curved long eyelashes. Eyelash is female friends are valued, although small, but very can modify our 'the window of the soul'. Have long and thick and very natural eyelash is the dream of most of the female friends, because the eyelash to face has a very important role, eyelash long curved can finish the decoration of the eyes bigger and more shine. Lack of which is to let those eyelash eyelash grafting have friends are long and curved short eyelashes. Also can carry on the beauty of eyelash. Many women friends like long lashes like a barbie doll. Of these, we can easily get through grafting eyelash. Second, the advantages of grafting eyelash 1, skipping mascara can also keep your eyes clever glorious, yao such as white, the house back, if her honey haired moon ShuQiGuang. 2, whether you in the face and a bath or swim, don't have to worry about eyelash falls off, it will allow you to keep the natural style 3, can you create natural makeup look, let your eyes like autumn waters, such as heaven, such as treasure, let you wherever can gracefully have a graceful demeanour. 4, you can arbitrarily choose the length, thickness and radian of eyelash, formed its own unique style, show their hundred flatters thousand jiao 5, suitable for various occasions to use, let your eye makeup everywhere can eye if the meteor, send out an attractive glamour 6, long can make eyelash more curved, baboons, if cloud all month, make the eyes bigger and more shiny, elevation, if the wind flow back to the snow and let your charm show without reserve. 7, had the standard back and forth, can become true eyelash ShiJia eyelash without day. 8, able to deduce the eye shadow effect, make eyelash added make-up colors, coordinated with hair color, the color of the pupil, made surplus nature new beauty eye. 9, can make eyelash back and forth, like a barbie doll, lenses, the large, round eyes, black and water embellish 10, and thick coils become warped eyelash, can make eye end the extension of eyelash to present a more fluid. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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