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The beauty of the full upgrade solution techniques

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
The relationship between the eyes and heart by eyelash to sublimation, beautiful high-grade false eyelashes to make eyes more clever and circulation, let you to the expression of intelligent reiki. To apply eye shadow technique you don't want to spend more time research, will be modified in place eyelash is the method of get twice the result with half the effort. You also want to have the charming eyelash like touching the doll? Then look at the beauty of the full upgrade solution techniques together! First, the thick creamy texture, different from the 'spider leg' plentiful eyelash, thick expressed in sexy curves. To tell the mood with my eyes, let different sexy expression become a classic case. Second, perfect roll become warped arc, abnormal roll become warped, conforms to the curve of the aesthetic, amplify the contours of the eyes. The dense eyelash scrubland, you have look will become even more. The beauty of the three, long and clear eyelash, like elegant movement of the concerto, showing eyelash varies dramatically effect, let the eyes more clear, watery connect fully, to become the protagonist in a romantic story, convey pure feelings forever. Build a natural beauty of nasociliary - — From the industry expertise if eyelash desultorily, it is hard to do, you can use your finger touch water to wet eyelashes, reoccupy eyelash comb neatly groomed; Or close your eyes, with hot towel apply eye 2 ~ 3 minutes, the growth of eyelashes will restore to its original state. 2 eyelash clip to be included in the hot water soak for a few seconds, or use a hair dryer after heating, clip eyelash curling effect is more obvious, but it is important to note: if you use the hot water heating eyelash curler, after must be thoroughly wiped dry with a towel before using. 3 mascara from the tubes, instant, eyelash brush the top of the accumulated many paste, can be on the paper towel to wipe the spare parts, to brush the eyelash after clear, delicate, not easy to agglomerate. 4 after besmear eyelash creams, if eyelash stick together or have agglomeration phenomenon, suggestion comb with eyelash eyelash neatly combed. 5 some makeup artist prefer make perm roll become warped eyelash, comb design coordination with the temperature, the uniform can make eyelash more docile, and can adjust the roll become warped eyelash, lets you have as distinct as false eyelash eyelash beauty; At the same time, it also let after the second, third floor eyelash besmear more handy. 6 when using color of mascara, can match the eyeshadow and eyeliner lining fastens with color, such makeup effect will not appear abrupt and unnatural. Accer ding, trade co. , LTD is specialized in the supply of all kinds of high-grade http://qdhongjidingli false eyelash. com/
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