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The correct order for the steps of makeup

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
1, 2, clean the skin, skin or toner ( Depending on the nature and the skin is different) Supplement moisture to the skin or contractive pore 3, nutrition cream ( Give the skin compensatory nutrition) 4, prevent bask in segregation frost ( Isolation dust in the air, dirt, ultraviolet radiation, protect the skin, the chosen one point we can prevent bask in segregation frost, prevent bask in segregation frost is suitable for dry skin, prevent bask in time of 6 hours, prevent bask in segregation milk is suitable for oily, sensitive skin, prevent bask in time is 2 - — 4 hours) 5, yan liquid ( Adjust our skin, yellow skin with light purple, light green) is commonly used in white skin 6, foundation ( Make the skin appear fine) Choose color darker than himself, or his color equal foundation, the makeup will appear transparent, no false feeling. 7, powdery cake or powder ( Calm makeup with) 8, eyebrows, Eyebrows, deep slope eyebrow, eyebrow peak is high, the eyebrow end to clearer) 9, eye shadow, The outline of shaped eyes and personality) Starting from the outer corner, deep shallow, below the eyebrow to use bright color. Selected to match the clothes of the eye shadow, eyeliner (10 Above from three points of two eyes began to draw, below half, also some people don't draw look line) 11, draw lip line 12, lipstick, With your dress) Bright color of lipstick must use lipstick brush up. 13, dozen Yan refers to 14, clip eyelash ( First the roots, central, eyelash pointed) 15, put on mascara ( Is first up and down, then pull 'of the' word, make eyelash look longer and thicker)
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