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The difference between eyebrow tattoo and embroidered eyebrow

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
Embroidered eyebrow tattoo eyebrow and many people would think is the same, just two different term, actually otherwise eyebrow tattoo and embroidered eyebrow are two different methods, there is a certain difference between, below to see the difference between eyebrow tattoo and embroidered eyebrow. Eyebrow and embroidered eyebrow difference is reflected in the following aspects: eyebrow tattoo is the needle methods vertical on the skin, the pain is stronger, and because every time the number of needle pierced co. , LTD. , the coloring time long; And embroidered eyebrow is the needle Angle of 45 degrees to Pierce the skin, less pain, every time and embroider eyebrow pierced the pin number, so the time needed for shorter. Tool tattoo eyebrow is & quot; Single needle & quot; Or & quot; Three stitches & quot; , plus auxiliary electric tools, the needle of the pigment in the skin; Embroidered eyebrow is 12 or 16 needle combined into a 45-degree Angle, the pigment as embroidery more things into the skin, all by hand, no electrical auxiliary. Materials on eyebrow tattoo pigment, water more viscous weak; Use the paste pigment to embroider eyebrow, viscosity is stronger, more easily pigment with needles into the skin, it is easy to stain. Effects are embroidered eyebrow less trauma, and due to not mix with subcutaneous yellow pigment genes, and thus will not change color. On the contrary, the eyebrow tattoo fallibility to Pierce the skin deep, if mistakenly put the pigment into the deep and mixed with subcutaneous yellow pigment genes, will cause change green blue, and not easy to repair. Because of the several times of eyebrow tattoo is to use a single point to embroider eyebrow, and embroidered eyebrow more points every time, eyebrows eyebrow embroidery out will be more smooth nature. These are embroidered eyebrow tattoo eyebrow and difference, through the above points, it can distinguish eyebrow tattoo and embroidered eyebrow. Experience in content is for reference only, if you need to solve specific problems ( Especially areas such as law, medicine) , it is recommended that you detailed consulting professionals in related field.
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