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The effect of rose tea and taboos

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
Tools/raw materials rose tea method/procedure and qi resolve depression, and blood stasis. Attending liver stomach pain, new long bi wind, vomiting blood gas haemoptysis, menstruation to be not moved |, red white down, dysentery, milk carbuncle, swollen poison. Bud 3 - will be processed 5 grams, with boiling water for 5 minutes, add honey or sugar, or mixed with his own like tea brewing together, fragrance, and qi and blood, liver, resolve depression, lipid-lowering, embellish skin to raise colour effect, especially for women's menstrual cramps, menstruation to be not moved has a magical effect. Rose resilient, flower besides can extract rose oil, dry, bud, root can be medicine, fruits are rich in vitamins, natural drinks and food. Roses can be made into a rose, rose sauce, rose sauce, wine has clear heat, fire suppression, let beauty to raise colour the strange effect. Folk useful rosebud add brown sugar to boil cream recipe, can rise to blood after taking relating, nourish the face. Its practice is to 100 g rose bud 500 grams, add water decoction after 20 minutes, leaching slag, boil again into concentrated juice, add 500 - 1000 grams of brown sugar, boil into a paste. Such as taking a long time, but in the refrigerator, take 1 - every day 2 TSP, use for a long time, the effect is better. A few roses beauty prescription: rose face rose petals 25 g ~ 50 grams in 100 ml water, hours after pounding into a paste. 2 apply to the face before sleeping, wash with warm water after dry. Moisturize skin, promote blood circulation, improve color of skin. Beauty rose tea will be 4 pieces of jujube, rose 3, Chinese wolfberry washed 20 grams, add cup, add boiling water, 300 ml, soak for 5 minutes. Serve. According to taste honey or call in. Random generation of tea drinking. Make the skin delicate, tender and ruddy. Drink chrysanthemum rose rose 6, 6 white chrysanthemum flower, poria cocos 10 grams, 6 grams of a. dahurica, five lotus seeds, jujube 3 put into the casserole, add water, 500 ml. Use the fire boil, and then with a small heat for 15 minutes. Slag to take juice, drink with a few drops of honey, so that the taste sweeter. Go spot, hydrating and beauty. Rose eggplant gas micro sweet, flavour acid, vitamin C, elderberry three glycoside, citric acid and other nutritional ingredients and efficacy: adjust and balance the blood lipid, improve calcium absorption, promote child development, promote digestion, row poison to raise colour, appetizers spleen, soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure, cool and refreshing, detoxification detoxification sterilization, qing itching, inhibit the growth of bacteria, prevent infection, eliminate fatigue and constipation, and has the effect of diuresis, stimulative metabolism.
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