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The false eyelash off really eyelashes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
Recently, the inferior multi-purpose pig hair false eyelash, dog hair material for news. Some beautiful ladies to let an eye look bigger and more bright, in the process of makeup, often wear false eyelashes to make makeup look more attractive. However, industry insiders revealed, many on the market of false eyelashes 'unknown origin', if you use the inferior eyelash without disinfection treatment is likely to cause eye diseases such as conjunctivitis. City eyelash more counterfeits 'unknown origin' on September 2, a cosmetics store in ShunHe Road, a wide variety of false eyelash products make a person dazzling, too many things to see, the price also is uneven, carton range from a few yuan to tens of dollars. , reporter saw a box of 10 for loading and nominal for pure handmade false eyelash only 3 yuan, store owner, said the quality of a material is made of artificial fibres, false eyelash because of its cheap, with one can be completely lost, so very popular. Look carefully, however reporter on the package and didn't find any material with its logo. Subsequently, the reporter visited a number of cosmetics shop again found that such as identity is not clear, 'unexplained' false eyelash products are not in the minority. And in order to save every day to get up early to false eyelash multifarious steps, in some nail salons or salon, 'planting eyelash' advertising is also common occurance. Planting wear easy cause eye disease ', every day I think stick too troublesome false eyelash, so he went to a nail shop to spend more than 60 dollars planting false eyelashes, unexpectedly false eyelash is less than half a month away, and his eyelashes are also a lot less. 'Citizens ms qin some angry way, in the process of planting eyelash, your eyelash falls a lot, think of future, also not too care about, can return to home, around the eyelids always itch,' went to the hospital to see later, the doctor said it is likely to be caused by false eyelash cause eye infections. 'A beauty institutions, manager wang said, the head of the eyes is a very sensitive organ, so if the false eyelash quality closes nevertheless, appear easily in the process of graft infection, can cause skin and eye irritation, inflammation and swelling. To this, people's hospital of eye doctor said that because of the wear or planting false eyelashes and cause of eye disease patients do have, 'some patients often use some inferior false eyelashes, and the skin around the eyes is very delicate, need to use false eyelash glue to paste, so it is easy to cause allergy symptoms of foreign bodies. 'Doctors warn broad love beautiful lady, often paste or false eyelash eyelash grow is likely to cause complications, causing eye nerve injury, infection, inflammation. So in love at the same time must pay attention to eye health.
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