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The function of the eyelashes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
Different from animals in order to survive, for the purpose of biological function, human hair tend to be more beautiful, mental, sexual function. Especially the eyelash, unlike animals, human has the following functions: eyelash, protection. Eyelash can prevent sweat, dirt and other material into the eyes, and when we water cut is large sweat will along the eyes into our eyes, but we have a dense eyelash, eye eyelash to keep the sweat out won't sweat into his eyes; In addition, when the wind, dust and some small stuff easily into our eyes, but our eyelashes is very easy to keep the eye most of the stuff out. Second, the adornment effect. Can make large eyes and clever, women now more and more pay attention to the makeup of the eyes, the eyelash is the focus of the eye. Three, perception. ACTS as convey the sense of touch, or pain, eyelash is a sensory organs of the body, plays a role of perceiving and convey information.
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