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The girl is what cannot leave the false eyelash?

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
People's aesthetic standard is still for so many years, eyelash long good-looking. So the question comes, eyelash is not long enough? You can use eyelash creams, eyelash growth liquid, to what kind of a eyelash, there is also a shortcut is the false eyelash. What is the difference between the two: mascara invented modern artifacts, and the ancients had false eyelash play 'hot! Do not believe you see left it is the 19th century French eyelash sewn into their eyelids illustrations. At first method is to use natural hair sewn into their eyelids, this method is not dozen anesthetic, painful process cans be imagined. 。 And now the big popular cosmetic surgery in the past to beauty is also a spell, looking at all feel painful! ! The surgery also, of course, not everyone can accept, after all, like small make up to those who are afraid of pain is not in the minority! And those who can't do this kind of surgery is more willing to choose paste type of false eyelash. This eyelash is made with natural hair, stick on the silk or cotton gauze, use Halloween paste beard glue stick to the eyelid. Looked at pictures really didn't think how beautiful, said scary is somewhat in the 20th century, the actor stars began to love wearing false eyelashes. Even some people said, wearing a false eyelash can protect your eyes, prevent the illuminate of fluorescent lamp ( I read less, don't lie to me! ! ! ! ! ! ! ) 。 So, love beautiful women have flocked to salon kind of false eyelashes, from the time will open the floodgates spinning and then a time machine, we return to the 21st century, at that time, long eyelashes have been recognized as the representative of beauty and fashion, girls were proud, but some people can only dream, but fortunately, we have a great invention - — False eyelash. At this time with artificial fiber made in shape and true false eyelash eyelash is little difference between the, coated with special glue, again to the upper eyelid, convenient and quick, is popular with girls. In the time of the goddess of the beauty of nature as the standard, has become false false eyelash without makeup artifact, but still want to choose suitable for their own styles can truly highlight the charm of eyes. Now not only loved by 10-year false eyelash, even the stars enthusing about it. Fan bingbing, carefully to see pictures of fan bingbing is a paste of false eyelash. Her eye feature is eyes are big and long, so should choose a few vertical make eyes more eyelash style, although the overall makeup look, partial domineering, but long false eyelash is natural. L: do you think wuli fairy elder sister is not posted false eyelash? You are wrong. Although l itself already have god's eyes, but still cannot leave a false eyelash help acting activities. She posted the second half of the false eyelash slightly worse, is not particularly thick, but maintained a similar density with my eyelash. So whether the campus play, or costume piece can be completely can hold. But look from quiet so many pictures, she seemed to be really quite suitable for false eyelashes. Seen here is a put down everything, now, to give oneself put one false eyelashes? In this 'burnished resulted only without makeup high' in the era of aesthetic, not stick a girl do all false eyelash is a no-no, small make up now is on a set of false eyelash tutorial, will see package! 1. With eyelash clip light your eyelash. 2. Give your eyelash mascara brush. 3. Clip for their false eyelash with forceps. 4. Good on false eyelash glue. 5. Will be posted on false eyelash eyelash root gently with forceps. 6. Brush the eyelash to cream again, let false eyelash more natural, congrats!
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