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The key point of wearing false eyelashes are easy to be ignored

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
Be you ignore some key steps, you will always not clear, you don't understand why people buy and false eyelash glue, the big brands as you, but after wearing, their natural beautiful eyelash, your eyelash, always feel so false. See if you have overlooked these priorities. , there a measure of the length of the first you've done such a foolish thing, direct stick a long false eyelashes in the eyelashes, never consider their eyes radian and the false eyelash is suitable. Can only cause, both before and after is too long, all day look at uncomfortable. So be in front of the mirror, put false eyelashes on the eyes than the length, and then estimates, probably to do with the small scissors on both ends of the clip, before and after a little, don't be impatient. The length of the cut out for your eyes, wear up will be more natural. Point 2: eyeliner order colour makeup division to makeup, will first draw look line, and then aim at the location of the eyeliner stick false eyelashes, do really able to put in place, not cause and true false eyelash eyelash separation of derailment. And many women to ignore this, it will affect the paste after beautiful degree of the false eyelash. In a timely manner to correct, look at the next to take the right order, will give you a surprise! Point three: the use of glue a lot of beauty is really don't know how to use the glue. On the bus saw a MM, with a thick layer of false eyelash root white glue. This is what circumstance, not beautiful but defaced. A, glue after solidification, whether into a transparent color. If you are not a high hand, will prepare a transparent glue, the besmear after this will avoid such awkward situation. Second, there is the MM complained to me, every time stick, false eyelash glue will stick to their real lashes. What reason? When coated with false eyelash glue, don't immediately sticky, such as glue dries, good adhesion, also won't stick to other places. You can blow slightly in glue two tone, just about the same. Third, glue sticks where, is really the root ministry of eyelash is false eyelash. Grasp the method, apply a thin layer on false eyelash, true the eyelashes at three important points, is the corner, eye, eye end above middle, three stick firmly, false eyelash all day won't fall down. Eyelash choice once asked a lot of a gleam of colour makeup division, to which should pay attention to the choice of method, false eyelash every colour makeup division emphasizes on the material of false eyelashes, are made of high quality natural hair false eyelashes, like really eyelashes. Their bottom thin almost invisible, seems to feel its existence when using, this is the perfection of false eyelash. NOTICE gloss, bright color, smooth, not dull, is the characteristic of high quality fake eyelashes. Hardness, excellent material, can bring a lot of pressure to the eyelids, and wear, looks very fake, not natural. Too soft false eyelashes, and is not upright, roll become warped degrees will be less. Right, hand gently knead up with soft feeling, true eyelash slightly harder than you. Warpage degrees: ok will naturally become warped, false eyelash growth curve similar to those of the eyelashes, flat in false eyelash wear up will feel stiff, there would be no aesthetic feeling. Practicability: if you want to be at the party, choose exaggerated false eyelashes, like set diamond, the eyelash of the plume, colour is gorgeous, etc. However, friends, lovers dating, don't be so dramatic, can let a person like that don't adapt. Eyelash glue: it is very important, had seen a woman more than 30 years old, is very beautiful, but she has been to buy cheap false eyelash glue, now her eyelashes badly damaged skin, often have inflammation. So be sure to buy big brand of glue, and is not expensive, 100 yuan of less than, definitely choose that the quality is very good eyelash glue. 小贴士:1。 In some makeup can also be a finer overlapping coverage using false eyelash. 2. Before using false eyelashes on your eyelash brush a layer of mascara, it can be mixed and false eyelashes together, to achieve the effect of nature. 3. To remove false eyelash, filed a false eyelash bottom edge of the lateral gently pull it down. Then cleaning: clean the hem of the false eyelash glue with his fingers. 4. To extend the service life of false eyelashes, should be thoroughly clean them after each use, can use alcohol cotton ball stripped of false eyelash bottom of residual glue. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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