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The kinds of false eyelashes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
There are many kinds of false eyelash. According to the work can be divided into manual eyelash, half manual eyelash, mechanism of eyelash. Manual eyelash: pure handmade, one the eyelash, silk, fine workmanship, convenient and practical. But the process is complex, output restricted by artificial. Half manual eyelash: previous working procedure is to use machine, the latter two working procedure is also make artificially, eyelash products relatively flat, good-looking. Mechanism of eyelash: mainly machinery production, but there is also a small part of the manual may be used. Product appearance beautiful, lower cost, production is big, according to utility cent: doll lashes, film and television eyelash, personality eyelash eyelash, simulation. Doll, doll baby eyelash: do use eyelash, thick long and lovely. Film type eyelash: after wear, eye stereo sense is very obvious, is suitable for photography makeup and stage makeup, etc. Personality: eyelash is a kind of unique design, reveal personality eyelash, longer than the other, more dense, applicable to the drama, stage performances, or special makeup look. After cross simulation model eyelash: wear, very natural, suitable for the bride makeup, natural makeup, etc. , have black, blue, brown and purple. According to the material mainly divides into: fiber eyelash, animal hair, human hair eyelash eyelash, feather eyelashes. According to the style is too much, cosmetic type is 99 #, 112 #, 113 #, 217 #, also has a lot of USES, in the personality model too much, not list one by one. Common false eyelashes are made with cotton put their silk string into a eyelash, make it streamlined, makeup and hobbies, according to the individual can be pruned, reoccupy eyelash glue to stick on the eyes. Now still popular grafting eyelash, one stick, more realistic, but also saves paste trouble every day. According to the feature points, a round eye the eyelash of the application system of cotton, eyelids heavy need to adjust the system of people are using the nylon eyelashes. Color choice to ShiJia false eyelash eyelash eyelash together with their itself as natural, we should choose a dark brown or black for Asian women.
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