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The method of false eyelash stick

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
To see more clearly point, I the main demonstration of false eyelash is very exaggerated Taiwan handmade fashion 7 false eyelash, too stage effect ~ cross series, as usual, the nature, and a very long effect, very recommend students visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival so ready, we begin to false eyelash trip! Eyes have good color note: wearing eyeliner is the most important, false eyelash inside and outside the eyeliner is important - — By outside introversion, count me in this eyelash is not dense to draw look line, fill the eyelashes gap within the eyeliner songs also for covering the gap of true and false eyelashes. 2 use small scissors cut out false eyelash, the length of the false eyelash to clip after a modest cut, to make a false eyelash calisthenics, let him some soft on the eyelid the step is coated with glue on the false eyelashes, false eyelashes and viscous when do do the best, you can use the mouth to blow the dear girls now picked up your tweezers, pick up the false eyelash can also gently before the glue dry, keian with the hand, to adjust the radian of false eyelash stick, true and false eyelash are layered, and gently with the eyelash curler, reoccupy mascara brush will be more natural oh completes the complete picture to follow the steps up eyelash compare with natural system
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