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The modelling of different create new false eyelash

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
False eyelash is invented by a Hollywood film director, so how to choose the false eyelash in real life? Chosen according to different occasions false eyelashes, such as in daily life, as far as possible choose natural, while a dinner party for some theme parties or grand can consider some highly exaggerated artistry of false eyelashes, for example with a diamond or a feather. Some limited edition can be used as false eyelash party decoration, but also as a collection. You can also use two different false eyelashes create new model. Let her boyfriend don't see your cosmetics for men, they judge make-up can only rely on color or thick eyeliner to identification, the false eyelash length was just right can let a man almost unable to detect, even after the Party to late also need not worry about the problem of eyelash to cream dizzy catch makeup. By the way, 100% of the mascara ads and 95% of the other has the beauty of advertising, they were wearing fake eyelashes. Makeup time big shrinkage: although the false eyelash seems not as easy as mascara, but once the master essentials, began after 30 seconds to finish makeup, don't need like mascara brush a few layer may not have such a good result, brush the one thousand fly legs comb also need more time to solve. More convenient to discharge makeup: the most commendable false eyelash advantage, is in the middle of the night go home couldn't fall asleep immediately, without careful spend five minutes to discharge terrible waterproof mascara, simply turning off, makeup cotton brush full face can wash bed, completely don't have to worry about the residual pigment. Accer ding trade co. , LTD is specialized in the supply of eyelashes, http://qdhongjidingli. com/
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