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The modification and maintenance of false eyelash

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
Many fashionable ladies like to use a false eyelash to beautify their eyes and the correct use of that lovely eyes, the opposite to the more ugly. The right to use is very important, but the modification and maintenance of false eyelash is equally important. Accer ding trade co. , LTD. , to teach you how to repair, and maintenance of false eyelash. Modified upper eyelid false eyelash with false eyelashes and the way to besmear eyelash oil, to ensure consistent up and down. Or, to use eyeliner gently next palpebral draw very clear eyelash, like the shadow of the eyelashes. Can also use eyeliner painted eyeliner and dizzy catch with the hand. If you are a successful operation on false eyelash hard to, also can reference material inline hairdressing cheap small tools: a false eyelash aid! Aid the appearance of false eyelash, with false eyelashes length is in the shape of circular arc in the other side of is a hand. Design like elastic clamp, can firmly clamped the false eyelashes, Compare with small clip nowhere o ~) , let the other convenient operation way eyelash glue, the best is the eyelash can assist the whole above the pressure directly on the false eyelash eyelash, gently press can close eyelash root position, single hand force application is convenient, won't make a handful. Maintain article false eyelash eyelash although fine fine, but very fragile, therefore, be especially careful when using. When removed from the box, holding the edge of it hard to pull, along the direction of eyelash, gently with fingers out; From peeling the eyelids, want to hold middle of false eyelash 'shua' suddenly pulled, action simply a squeaky, avoid by all means took two or three hair pulled down. Used to eradicate false eyelash glue, neatly into the box. Don't stick powder eye shadow, eyelash oil to the false eyelashes, otherwise it will get dirty and destroy the false eyelash.
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