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The repeated use of false eyelash

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
Recent new and old students ask more question is, false eyelash is a one time? Reusable? Can be reused several times? The answer is yes, can be repeated use, but according to your own maintenance degree and the material of false eyelash repetitions there will be a difference. False eyelash material: a, nylon plastic texture: the common, the market line stems and qualitative hard, effect is relatively dense exaggeration, suitable for stage, or in eye makeup more time. In general is not suitable for use in life, looks very fake, and eyes will be discomfort, a sense of weight, a small box ( A pair of) Second, the cotton texture ( Is the pure manual we used to say, false eyelash is more soft, joint type eye) Third, human hair, Or animal hair) Quality of a material, such as: Ardell Ardell effect is good, but the price is higher, I don't feel very value, and most of Europe and the United States, with our Oriental eye doesn't fit. It is better to choose the manual false eyelashes, similar effect, but low price for several times. Four, stage comedy eyelashes ( Exaggerated, unique design, reveal personality of eyelash, applicable to the drama, stage performances or special makeup look. ) Overall material harder, should not be out of shape. Reuse the more. Whereas the more soft, the appropriate deformation, repeated use fewer such as nylon plastic texture of proper care more than 20 times. Such as cotton, human hair, proper care can use 5 times or so. Number of repeated use, of course, is according to your own maintenance. How to better protect the false eyelash and be able to make it reusable? 1, do not touch the false eyelash on eye shadow, mascara. The eye first, and then wear false eyelashes, thus avoiding the eye shadow powder stick to a false eyelash, make its dirty, and cannot be removed, affect the use of next time. Don't brush mascara on false eyelash, can't remove, or use a false eyelash will fail. Do it as true and false eyelash cannot fusion, can use the electric eyelash clip to become warped own really eyelash, this will make it true and false eyelash fusion. 2, in addition to many false eyelash discharge right except when false eyelashes are directly will tear down the false eyelash, this is very bad. One, will pull your eyelid, make eyelid relaxation for a long time. Second, such as paste is not very good, the true and false eyelash stick together, that tore his true eyelash also ripped the. Three, direct tear at the false eyelash is easy to deformation, cut short the repeated use of the number of times, the person that weigh a waste. The right way to discharge false eyelash: 1, with cotton dab just the right amount of eye makeup products, and then gently to the false eyelash root position, technique must as far as possible put soft oh ~ don't too hard when discharge makeup. So after a period of time the false eyelash will automatically fall off. 2, stalks of false eyelash glue, can dip in with cotton swabs take alcohol removed a little. To prevent the stalks of glue is too much, and repeat use too many cement. 3, keep good, in order to use next time. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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