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The right make-up steps - The illustration how to draw a goddess makeup

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
Have been quietly love makeup, is really love. Imitation makeup really hard, actually also quietly seen many great god makeup makeup, absolutely stunning. But no matter who is in progress bit by bit, hope that beautiful girl who see the quiet progress. With me become beautiful. How to learn make-up become the biggest problem of beginners. Quietly make a small summary for everyone today, teach you how to eye makeup, hope you can help to you. Cosmetic procedures and cosmetics will appear in the steps needed to oh ~ of course before making up of skincare steps is very important also, quietly or with other creams for foundation. How to draw suits own makeup makeup? Maybe a lot of people are in trouble. It's not difficult to actually heart up. Makeup skills are really important. Continue to hair makeup products ~ ~ ~ by the way, could you attach simulation false eyelashes for you ~ ~ interested students can purchase link insight into each product. The whole makeup look is natural oh ~ today use a brush to apply. Brush is suitable for the skin a good sister. Small gourd is more suitable for beginners, there will be bad if a brush lines. Use the brush daub according to skin texture daub oh ~! ~ ~ next is calm makeup, quietly will calm makeup. Especially the eyes and the T area. Oily skin must calm makeup! ! ! The shadow of the daub must also pay attention to. Quietly with chocolate powder. How to makeup look, how to make up the natural is the most important thing. Suitable for himself is the perfect makeup look. Eyebrows slightly picked a little, and has been quietly before drawing eyebrow is not the same as well. Because want to draw the outline of his deep point, so quietly with eyebrow powder when the shadow on the eyelids place daub ga color oh ~ the rightmost meat pink and deep coffee color ~ ~ ~ with meat first pink base, and with deep coffee color eye end place ~ ~ ~ next daub is gold coffee color daub dizzy oh ~ ~ ~ and then with cotton, which is natural. Finished product figure ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ eyelash is very important oh ~ ~ ~ under the eyelids quietly with glue will be shiny silver painted ~ ~ how makeup eyes big? But really eye makeup is very important, if you want to better visual effect, can choose a natural lenses. Maybe there is a beauty makeup girl ask me small eyes? Actually make up steps is still the same. If you want better, you can paste the false eyelash, paste, fluctuation eyelash effect is better. Small eyes folds of makeup? This is more difficult. But now I think are very popular folds of makeup look. Special character, so if you want can stick double-fold eyelid to stick double-fold eyelid, make large eyes and natural. If not thick eyeliner plus the eyelash with root trenchant root. Single-edged eyelid how to make up? If you are a single-edged eyelid, then the phoenix eye is *, eyes large and characteristics. Natural makeup look * is the look line, then the eyelash with root trenchant root. If you want to can stick double-fold eyelid to stick double-fold eyelid, make large eyes and natural. Although the face of the hearts and the rain is really quietly for a long time also is very ugly, but eye makeup is really more attentively draw quietly ~ ~ ~ a larger SLR for everyone to see ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ eye makeup pink blush just choose natural oh. Lip color ~ ~ ~ + powder powder with lipstick lip gloss ~ to make lip color. The whole makeup look is done ~ ~ ~ ~ in the neat bang into points is really not easy ah ha ha ha hearts but little capricious ~ ~ ~ everybody is good, the beautiful girl ~! Thank you for your love and support me beautiful girl ~ ~ ~ I will be better ~ ~ ~
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