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- the right makeup makeup step How to draw simple make-up

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
Method/process to give you a look at the first Korean naked makeup complete figure, detail place very natural right, again tie-in a Korean and distribute is perfect. Few words said, hurriedly makeup look on a map step. Naked makeup step one: in the first full face the dots segregation frost of large area, and then use the palm on the whole face. Step 2:3 naked makeup and then squeeze out the right amount of BB cream on painting, in the cheek from outside to inside the spread of http://hongjidingli. b2b。 huishangbao。 Step three: com / 4 naked makeup with professional eye concealer under the eyes and gently point, with the piano fingering concealer pat to radiant. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 Com / 5 naked makeup step four: in order to make the durability of makeup look more high, in the whole LianBo may better calm makeup brush a layer of powder. Step 5:6 naked makeup brush with horizontal dip in after taking brown eyebrow powder, the redundant powder on the paper, and then start from his brow eyebrow around 7 naked makeup step 6: where eye head and eye end with white eye shadow brush the semicircle shape, and then along the brush a pale blue eye shadow, eyelash root on the tail end of the next eyelid with pink eye shadow swept gently layer. Step 7:8 naked makeup and then choose waterproof eyeliner from above the eyes began to draw look line, remember two thin middle thick head principle. Tips: when choosing eyeliner product should be according to their own eyes the oil condition to select, such as the skin around the eyes are dry eyebrow in the United States you just need to choose the eyeliner, the liquid eyeliner pen or eyeliner gel pen is belong to oily skin eyebrow in the United States, it is not easy to dizzy makeup. In addition, the liquid eyeliner pen is not easy to take off the makeup of the line products. Step eight: 9 naked makeup with own eyelash clip eyelash clip to roll become warped, a layer of mascara if not long brush a repeatable. Step 9:10 naked makeup using long false eyelash respectively pasted, the fluctuation eyelash root must along their eye paste to nature. Step 10:11 naked makeup with white eyeliner in canthus and gently draw the triangle area, let your eyes feel carry bright moment. 12 naked makeup step 11: after completion of eye makeup, cheek is red part, turn to be the choice is pale pink blush, don't want to naked makeup makeup look so cute 13 step 12: choose jelly color gels or lip along the labial ministry on a thin layer of labial makeup can END
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