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The right way to wear false eyelash

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
To wear before the photo first, it can be seen that the eye is not have look. 1, assisted with eyelash clip gently took out a set of eyelash. Be careful not to let eyelash stalks deformation. 2, gently tear false eyelash root residue ( Don't remove clean easily affect the degree of false eyelash is firm) 3, on the eyes than the length of 4, remove eye end a long section, if the eye head very short regulating balance can also be cut off. 5, hold eyelash adjusted eyelash shape (both ends Can be slightly bent a few times make eyelash stalks more soft and comfortable) 6, evenly daub glue, note that can neither too much nor too little If feel open too big bad master can glue the end of the cut a faint, small mouth to glue ceng, attention to do a good job of seal) 7, assisted with eyelash tweezers to help joint was really eyelash line for false eyelash, make sure that closely. 8, with liquid eyeliner pen eyeliner to conceal false eyelash glue ( Very important step, build perfect makeup look) 9, besmear to brush fluctuation eyelash, make the true and false eyelash glue together increased roll become warped sense of 10, if eyelash is not become warped eyelash clip can be used to light again clip eyelash. 11, lightly dusted off drops redundant fiber complete false eyelash is worn out, very simple.
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