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The tactics of the grafting eyelash

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
Whenever see star magazine that bright and moving the eyes, is very want to study skills, but again beautiful makeup look a little less. This is because you do not have them unaware tiancheng fake eyelashes. What is 'eyelash grafting technique'? 'The eyelash grafting technique' is an advanced and fast eyelash growth beauty culture. Key components 'eyelash grafting surgery' is a kind of silk protein fiber extracted super viscous force bonding agent. Because of the eyes and eyelash special abnormal physiological structure, so the affinity agent security requirement is extremely high. Traditional way of eyelash modification, most of the abuses, like electric eyelashes, false eyelashes have varying degrees of damage, and can only be urgent need at the moment. 'The eyelash grafting technique' completely different from false eyelash. It is on the basis of the original eyelash grafting, an artificial eyelash graft length and the curvature can vary from person to person, can according to the different requirements of different type, design a variety of effects, to achieve the ideal length and bending. After completion of grafting, binocular unripe brightness, feel shine at the moment. Eyelash grafting can be clean, after swimming, sauna, with their own eyelash as long life, no false eyelash uncomfortable feeling, more need not besmear eyelash to cream. The advantage of the grafting eyelash: from the hardship of perm eyelashes, do not hurt eyelashes. Mascara with all sorts of trouble and embarrassment. More than false eyelash natural and vivid. Grafting eyelash can stay for three months, 3 - began to touch 7 days there will be a small loss, partial loss of replantation once at this moment, the general can keep longer moment relaxed achievement eyes on the wind; Natural roll become warped, sending out attractive glamour. Better against dust, glare and uv, protect your eyes. Use steps: 1, the beautician small piece of plastic wrap will be prepared by the inner and outer canthus pressure in palpebral margin, cover your next eyelash. 2, use eyelash comb on eyelash comb neatly. 3, use tweezers clip eyelash haphazardly strewn on the soft tissue or transparent glass. 4, pour a little special glue on the transparent glass. 5, with pointed clips at the end of false eyelash tweezers, two-thirds of it dipped in special glue. The eyelash of the lateral 5 ~ 1 mm. 7, good with tweezers and finishing adhesive eyelash. 8, must pay attention to: after grafting with prepared blot the glue dry. 9, use eyelash comb comb. 10, take the lower eyelid plastic wrap, with a paper towel or dry cotton piece of wiping clean lower eyelid. Grafting eyelash main point: the following these steps is critical, to remember oh,,, 1, should press when grafting eyelash after middle on both sides of the first order. 2, should be one to one clip eyelash. 3, should be interval when sticking eyelash adhesive, in case the glue does not affect next to glue up false eyelashes, taped in front of the eyelash glue dry again after completion. 4, when sticking eyelash, should follow the principle of middle and short on both sides of false eyelash clip, appropriate to maintain the characteristics of the fan, make eyelash look more natural.
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