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There are 1 OMG wal eyelash. 7 cm

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
A 'spend bone' surprise to wal in the fire. Recently wal in certain activities were measured the eyelash length, unexpectedly 'eyelash' wal eyelash length reaches 1. 7 cm. See the data editor I also have a feeling of close to collapse, want to know what the average person eyelash length at 0. 8 - 1. 2 cm, now you tell me the eyelash wal one. 7 cm, edit the whole people are not so good. Although the eyelash long, let a person envy, but also has, according to data from eyelash long bad instead, so girls don't blindly to pursue the eyelash length. Eyelash zui good length is a third eye width of the Georgia institute of technology researchers eyelash length 22 species of mammals after come to the conclusion: 1/3 of the width of the eyelashes 'length' for the eyes. If more than the 'length', keep the eyes moist, refreshing and efficiency decreases, the long eyelashes will even affect the eye health. Eyelash with filtering effect, can prevent eye soil and water loss guillermo - Georgia institute of technology doctoral students and researchers Horse dole said: 'we found that the eyelashes filtering function helps reduce the particles in the air, Dust) In the eyes of accumulation. 'Researchers by wind tunnel test study on different length of eyelashes in keeping the eyes moist, prevent the dust of the role of eyes. Found that eyelashes length is 1/3 of the width of the eye, eye evaporation and dust accumulation reduced. Researchers think that the length of the eyelashes can effectively block reduce air flow, such as more than the length, not only won't block the air and become air instead of eye 'funnel', increase evaporation and dust accumulated around the eye. In other words, the long eyelashes will make more dry, dust more, when the eyelashes length is more than a third eye width, eye evaporation rate will rise high.
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