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Three ways to choose suits own eyelash to cream

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
False eyelash: to observe the bristles from the bristles thick thick density degree, generally long and according to the distinct effect of mascara brush will not too close, and rigid bristles are usually more resilient and easy to comb drive every eyelash, reach the makeup effect with root trenchant root. And brush is dense, and relatively soft mascara most significant effect of thick, facilitate more paste in the eyelashes and fiber, enlargement of the makeup effect of eyelash. Observe the bristles length from the length of the mascara brush degrees, usually long brush head can make thick eyelashes and stretched, and short curly and fixed eyelash brush head can, at the same time short brush can comb from the inside out eyelash eyelash, strengthen the eyelash effect with root trenchant root. In addition, the shorter the bristles for corner, next eyelash and other parts of the processing can be more careful, not as easily as long brush brush to the eyelid skin. Different mascara used to pursue perfection makeup effect, cooperate to use different mascara brush head will get more perfect results. For example, can use a long brush mascara to besmear eyelash, and then with a short brush mascara to besmear next eyelash; Or use first brush less dense long mascara brush again, with repeated type dense mascara brush again, fully achieve growth and increase the effect of dense eyelashes. Now on the market has two kinds of brush mascara, combining the use of more convenient.
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