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To try eye surgery, before and after grafting eyelash of striking contrast

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
Summer arrived, and the girls the hardest question is: sweat out of the oil - - - - - - - - - - - - Dizzy makeup makeup - - - - - - - - - - - - - Horrible so, what should do? ! Secretly tell you: grafting eyelash is the ultimate secret weapon! Before Japan rise a half facial makeup, then everyone began to bask in their own 'half facial makeup' photos, half stranger half goddess, contrast figure it can't be exaggerated, comparable to facial plastic surgery! Next, please cover your heart, together & quot; Discover the new world & quot; Actually look carefully is not hard to find, 'half facial makeup' about girls face huge differences, mainly due to eye makeup and eyelashes, thick coils become warped eyelash, let originally ordinary becomes big, the eyes, the whole face also become stereo clever rise. Now the wind blows more and more fierce domestic beauty solution from a lot of waiting to see friends have also begun to succumb to we collected five fairy grafting effect feedback after contrast figure and their share, may change your views on grafting eyelashes! 1. First try grafting eyelash guests will be very worry, fear of having their own eyelash also follow drop light. 。 。 And more than one guest said so normal eyelash growth cycle is 28 days, 28 days old eyelash falls, new eyelash to grow, but it is not easy to detect the process is normal. After grafting eyelash, drop down eyelashes look longer and are more likely to be found, so don't let 'grafting eyelash back pot! ' 2. I've tried many times the cilia, a lot of friends all thought is me to brush the eyelash to cream but actually because I very little grafting on the number of root, so it looks more natural before my girlfriends also often teasing me dead fish eye, now I feel a lot of god! I think I had fallen into the pit, out, ha ha ha ha. 3. The slanting compatriots to come to my shop for the first time, I was also stunned than hand gestures, afterwards just know she want to do (eyelash Wu face) Finished or happy, she happy I also happy! 4. Amway amway amway amway, I come! ! And sisters, I think the summer is really suitable for the LIDS! Even without makeup, I won't look no spirit got beautiful eyelash, need not apply eyeliner OK all natural! ! Coils of pouting, love ~ 5. I look inside the double serious, basic is a single-edged eyelid and swollen eyes before thought of double eyelid. 。 But my mother not to inadvertently be friends then made a beautiful eyelash to salon I never complete, really want to give her one million praise! ! Too good, later I don't put on mascara. But it is not very habit, have a wash a face to more attention. Read all of the share, did you feel? Finally also want to tell everyone: why summer the most suitable for grafting eyelashes! Take a look at the solution from the five benefits! 1 sweat no longer afraid of outermost layer of skin is dizzy makeup girl, easy oil is a nightmare, sweaty summer so when eyelash is connected not dizzy makeup the worry, really is sorching summer ! 2 enjoy without makeup! Goodbye & quot; His eyes & quot; After beautiful eyelash, rose eyelash can make an eye more and more natural. 3 can get up late every day and a half hours eyeliner and lenses effect of grafting eyelash, can greatly save the time of the early makeup, working for daily commuting four sea travel, can not afraid any more! Summer want to cool them down to relax, can not play with water! Many girls but worry that meimei makeup will get flowers, doing the beautiful eyelash is not afraid of ~ 5 free hand remnants of hands! For star rookie or hand residual makeup, false eyelashes, brush mascara, eyeliner such skills are really than ascend day also difficult! You also have this interaction tried grafting eyelash? The sniper you contrast figure come oh!
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