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Types of false eyelashes

Types of false eyelashes


false eyelashes

There are too many kinds of false eyelashes on the market, such as natural, curling, long tail, cross, dense false eyelashes and so on.

1. If your eyes are long-eyed and you want them to look rounder and cuter, opt for a longer style in the middle of false eyelashes.

Or trim the sides of false lashes a little shorter to highlight the eyelashes in the middle of the eye.

2. If a round-eyed beauty wants a long-eyed look, opt for the long tail of eyelashes.

3. But the tail tip of false lashes is a bit more exaggerated style.

If the false eyelash that wears nature money is the short part after false eyelash is repaired, leave longer part of false eyelashes.

4. It is a little difficult for single-eyelid beauty to wear false eyelashes, but I have double eyelids, so I can't give you personal experience ~ So I hope experienced beauty can share some experience for those w.

Still to use double eyelid tape or glue + false eyelashes, you can become beautiful big eye.

false eyelashes

Human hair eyelashes, imitation fiber false eyelashes, fiber is also divided into soft and hard, now the popular false eyelashes are soft, transparent and black.

They come in black, brown, and, for dinner, pearly sequined crystals, special eyelashes and feathers for photography.

In general, if you wear your own eyelashes, the transparent stem with human hair is the best and most natural, eyelashes can be paired with nude makeup, if the makeup can be used with a black stem, to match the eyeliner.

Photography will have the effect of man-made fiber, man-made fiber than human hair to black, so the effect of false eyelashes is more prominent, if it is life can only with heavy makeup, otherwise unnatural.

The worst is the cheap hard false eyelashes in the stalls, unnatural, reflective, hard to wear false eyelashes is also very uncomfortable.

False eyelash has a lot of kinds according to workmanship: manual eyelash, half manual eyelash, mechanism eyelash. Handmade eyelashes: pure handmade, one by one eyelash silk up, fine workmanship, convenient and practical.But the process is complex and the output is limited by labor.Semi-manual eyelashes: the first few procedures are made by machine, and the second two procedures are also made manually. The finished eyelashes are relatively smooth and good-looking.Mechanical eyelashes: Mostly made by machine, but a few are made by hand.The product appearance is beautiful, the cost is lower, the output is also big.According to the use: Rag Doll eyelashes, film false eyelashes, artificial eyelashes, false eyelashes personality.Doll eyelash: it is the eyelash that makes doll wait for toy doll, thick grow lovely.Film eyelashes: after wearing, the three-dimensional sense of the eyes is very obvious, suitable for photography makeup, stage makeup, etc. Individual eyelashes: Longer and denser than other eyelashes, they are designed to show individuality and are suitable for drama, stage performance or special makeup.
false eyelashes

The design of false eyelash is roughly divided into exaggerated EurAmerican department and melting and lovely Japanese department style.

The characteristic of False eyelash of European series is thicker, caters to the eye shape of westerner, suit the eye outline is outstanding, or the girl that hopes to build stage effect to use;

The false eyelash that day fastening produces mostly with Taiwan area is in the majority, more natural on the effect, melting, suit Oriental eye form.

On the price: expensive with cheap it is not the distinction of quality fundamental, if you are more careless, so the cheap false eyelash of day cast type suits you quite;

If you are a good organizer, expensive lashes are also worth the investment. If you want to buy artistic lashes, make sure to buy brand eyelashes, which will be gorgeous without giving the impression of being cheap.

Choose natural day to fasten false eyelash as far as possible in daily life, and when attending party of a few themes or grand dinner party, can consider a few exaggerated artistic quality extremely strong EurAmerican to fasten false eyelash, take rhinestone or feather form for example.

Some limited edition false eyelashes can be used as party decorations or collections.

You can also use two different sets of false lashes to create a whole new look.

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