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Using accer ding three ask answer grafting eyelash

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
Grafting eyelash can use eyelash to cream? Dedicated mascara with cold water or hot water can simple discharge is divided, so it doesn't matter even if used. Just use the market selling mascara will remain on the eyelash, cannot fully discharge is divided, produced by grafting eyelash off after may form a knot in one's heart. Please try not to use. After beautiful eyelash, can use eyelash curler? By grafting with roll become warped eyelash itself, no need to use eyelash clip, barely use may cause grafting eyelash break off, had better avoid to use eyelash clip, please. Can use discharge makeup oil? With different grafting eyelash off immediately before won't happen. But using inferior adhesive can make eyelash eyelash durability reducing or grafting to bleach, please try to use discharge makeup without oil agent.
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