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Using false eyelash common errors

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
Error 1: use oily skin care products or use within 24 hours after washing a face ( Not only water! ) 。 On the other hand, want to remove the false eyelash, use discharge makeup oil or olive oil in the eyelashes can be removed easily. Error 2: while waiting for the glue dry to touch. Most of the glue started out to be white, but later becomes transparent, so don't worry there will be a white residue. Mistake 3: worry so a glue to immediately. We suggest that the eyelashes with glue let stand for 5 seconds, after waiting for glue stick to lash when dry. Time just glue is completely dry, firmly adhere to the eyelashes. If the glue was very wet when I was in the eyelash root, has yet to reach the reinforcement effect of the glue, tweezers, a loose false eyelash will fall down. Mistake 4: not thoroughly cleaned before use false eyelashes in the eyes, if you give oil eye will affect the durability of the glue.
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