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Water mist eyebrow overview

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
Water spray mist eyebrow eyebrow have become hugely popular around the whole of China, you have to wait? Inheritance wine in one thousand, with modern high quality pigment, ancient and modern perfect fusion, won the national patent pure manual operation is not scabby, no fading, late surface repair. Water mist creative source water mist defined the creative research and development from the ancient art of respect, but only love feelings of ink painting Chinese wind is the reverse change of traditional tattoo disadvantages late effect phenomenon, it's real decorative design in a short time, small wound will target color lines or colors to Pierce the skin. Water mist eyebrow technology principle, inheritance and innovation of ancient decorative techniques, as is known to all, six good color is prick technique, so the water mist eyebrow thorn will adopt high quality pigment into the skin in eyebrow design, by using the principle of the sketch of the sensitive relationship, precise allocation levels, depth control, meet the requirement of the customer the right eyebrow, rhyme return grain skill avenue to Jane, regression method to restore natural and flawless beauty, reveals Oriental lasting appeal of a woman. Water mist effect characteristics of water gently beautiful eyebrow, fog ethereal have a sketch of the stereo feeling, more Chinese ink and wash is clever and along with the gender, can be elegant in person, majestic atmosphere. Water mist eyebrow VS traditional carving eyebrow, eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow, fog eyebrow advantages, to avoid the disadvantages of late effect is not ideal, small trauma, small wound patent technique, new makeup is only an hour, the minimalist operation, the effect is better. Water mist suitable for groups 1, eyebrows eyebrow listing, mixed and disorderly, double eyebrow shape contrast; 2, eyebrow too slender high pick, like sports but I can't make up; 3, eyebrow tattoo, elegant and graceful failure many times by water mist came to the ideal eyebrow makeup effect; 4, and birth defects are difficult to use makeup make up eyebrows, spend a lot of time in dressing herself is still unable to get satisfactory effect. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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