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What are the false eyelash several types

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
False eyelash can magnify the MM's eyes, but false eyelash style has a lot of, one which is suitable for their own false eyelashes? A, by using the type distribution: can be roughly divided into exaggeration and daily class type 2, according to the distribution of the product type: false eyelash can be divided into series of feathers, exaggerated false eyelash series series, handmade series, planting false eyelash grafting etc. 3, according to the type of brand distribution: false eyelash accer ding, princess, love nasociliary li, li qian twips, three trees, beauty, YiDai your solution from a lot of four, according to the model type distribution: general models: 99 #, 112 #, 113 #, 217 # and other types of more than, design also many. Five, the distribution according to work type: manual eyelash, half manual eyelash, mechanisms, eyelash six, type distribution: according to the use cloth dolls eyelashes, film and television eyelash eyelash, simulation, jie MAO personality
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