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What cosmetic hangover

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
According to various media of the stars in the photo, can observe the legacy of the cosmetic is very big to the harm of the body. Cosmetic can't achievement real natural beauty, there are many young artists in South Korea have plastic surgery, but contorts the reach a certain age, such as especially after facial deformation appears very unnatural. A cosmetic hangover: facial plastic surgery when the season does not adapt, also easy to make facial skin edema, cosmetic hangover from the produce not only can make the star image, also can bring a lot of life pressure to the woman of the cosmetic. Like the actress Guo Zhen ying is a legacy of the plastic model, without prior to cosmetic look is relatively pure, surgical face swollen like a big ball, it is very hard to accept, don't know the actress Ming after plastic surgery to bear much psychological pressure, in addition to cosmetic surgery physical pain, but also in the face of entertainment gossip comments, it is not worth a try. Cosmetic hangover 2: cosmetic because most celebrities requires grinding bone surgery to change face, but also in prosthetic material mat pointed chin do modelling, thus can make face even recover after the operation, also can't literally big mouth or facial ministry skin touch voltage, so as to avoid filler material is pressed out of shape. Cosmetic hangover 3: the star of the whole lead permit in general although labial ministry will look more charming than before, but there are also some star made mat nose surgery, the nose will look after the elderly special thick, so cosmetic surgery are only good for the young period, if wait for elderly appearance looks very uncomfortable, especially by the thin skin wrapped the soft mat layer gradually exposed, and facial muscle has the feeling of a kind of very uncoordinated cosmetic hangover 4: if the weather is too hot, opening part of the plastic surgery is still very vulnerable to bacterial infections, especially some had their facial plastic star bright, the starting point for the surgery only at the entrance of inner mouth, if you don't pay attention to health is also very easy to get sick at ordinary times, especially after the oral bacteria invasion are predisposed to rheumatism or orthopaedic disease, so in order to get the beauty of nature and health or keep the original more popular a peck on the cheek.
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