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What is a dry eyes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
Dry eyes means any causes of abnormal tear quality or quantity or abnormal dynamics, resulting in a decline in - stability, accompanied by eye discomfort and ( Or) The floorboard of the ocular surface tissue lesion characteristics of various diseases. Also called Angle of conjunctival xerosis. Common symptoms include dry eyes, easily fatigue, eye itching, foreign body sensation, burning pain, secretion sticky stiff, afraid of the wind, photophobia, is sensitive to external stimuli. Sometimes too dry eye, lack of basic tears, stimulate the reflex tear secretion, and often shed tears; More serious eyes redness, congestion, keratinization, corneal epithelium broken skin and filaments adhesion, this kind of injury time can cause angular conjunctival lesions, and can affect vision. Studies suggest that the change of the surface of the eye, based on immune inflammatory response, apoptosis and changes in the level of sex hormone is related factors in the development of dry eyes happened, and the relationship between various factors is not yet clear. The cause can be divided into the following four categories: 1. Liquid water layer lachrymal tear secretion is a common cause of dry eye Angle; Congenital lacrimal gland, senile lacrimal gland function to reduce or some autoimmune diseases cause lachrymal gland inflammation, trauma, infection, autonomic nerve disorder, point some eye drops for a long time or taking certain medications can cause lack of tear secretion; Wear glasses for a long time. 2. Inadequate secretion of oil layer caused by eyelid disease meibomian gland dysfunction. 3. Inadequate secretion of mucin layer, a lack of vitamin, chronic conjunctivitis, chemical burns, etc. 4. Tears eyelid disease caused by uneven distribution of excessive evaporation, it appears eyelids closed, blink less, long stay in air conditioning room or outdoor wind hot and dry environment.
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