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What is a lie silkworm eye

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
Lie silkworm is we Chinese used to describe the name of the eye, is quite vivid, describe four close to the edge of eyelash a treaty to 7 mm ribbon bumps, it seems as if a growing tracks across the edge of the next eyelash, smile just clear, make eyes and lovely, lie silkworm is elliptic; Lie silkworm smile will be particularly obvious. There are basically lie silkworm will look like eyes smile, is very attractive eye, if you are a lie silkworm that don't have to deal with, there lie silkworm said sex is good. Lie silkworm eye and dimples, frequency is very high in the crowd, but some people, some people is not obvious. People with lie silkworm easy to close, attractive. Because there is a lie of silkworm, make people laugh attractive and feel pleasant, easy to let a person produce affinity. From the physiognomy, a man of lie silkworm 'good life'. Both folk physiognomy theory, and the ancient physiognomy theory, a man of lie silkworm in emotion and business have a good luck. Statement such as people with lie silkworm children smarter, ceasing, filial piety, flange thickness, easy to have the 'noble', and 'time'. Wanted to distinguish lie silkworm is that are you laughing at the obvious, particularly when it is like eyes smiling, and eye bags is no matter you are what look, will have banded lumps. In addition, lie silkworm with the location of the pouch also distinct, lie silkworm 4 - close to the edge of our eyelash 7 mm, just like our skin color of skin, and pouch relatively far away from the eyelashes, color of skin dark heavy light. Lying silkworm is oval in shape and the pouch is triangular.
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