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What is a micro plastic

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
Micro plastic is in using subcutaneous injection of hyaluronic acid and other new materials, need not operation, short time can change the young high-tech medical technology, instead of the plastic surgery in the past, micro plastic safety, no wound, the advantages of short recovery period, can be treated at the weekend, a week to take a more beautiful young face to meet a new beginning. The emergence of the micro plastic plastic as easy as do beauty skin care, while plastic effect is exactly the same as that of a traditional plastic. Main item edit micro plastic including project many categories, such as hyaluronic acid injection, dissolve fat, whitening, needle, etc. , need not operation, high safety, recovery period is short, effect is almost the same plastic surgery. Because the operation is convenient, operation time is usually 1 ~ 2 hours, so also known as the beauty of lunch break, in urban white-collar gens love and demand. Filling agent injection mainly collagen, hyaluronic acid, such as filling, can maintain a year or so, is reversible and safe, generally used to fill wrinkles, fuller lips, etc. Autologous fat transplantation is suitable for filling the cheek department, temporal region, upper eyelid sag of the crowd. This method need not operation, swelling period is short, and won't produce rejection. Drooping facial micro liposuction facial fat can let a person look bloated and aging, through a small needle to remove excess fat, small trauma and the effect is obvious, especially suitable for treatment of double chin. Laser treatment of advanced laser equipment can stimulate collagen freshmen, reshape, firming skin, anti-wrinkle, whitening effect. Scope of edit facial static line extrusion of the age, smoking, sleep, gravity, traction can cause dermal collagen and elastic fibers to reduce, cause skin flabby, cause facial wrinkles. Shrinking lip lips with aging, wrinkles, the mouth cape will sag due to aging. Face shape distribution changes of aging can lead to subcutaneous tissue, temporal, cheeks, eyes and lips around will sag, jaw and nasolabial groove lines on both sides, location, redundant, prolapse of the pouch. Dynamic lines wrinkles on the face often stems from a muscle movement, but for a long time, can cause deep static dent. The shapes of the discretion of the volume of the nose, nose, the shapes of the size of the earlobe, lips, etc. , can be different from person to person do adjustment, innate face contour also can be changed easily by filling. Filling defect in the craters of blain scar, scar caused by trauma, surgery, congenital defect of asymmetry can fill the reconstruction. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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