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What is a semi-permanent eyebrows

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
Permanent eyebrows do now half permanent beauty is more and more of the eyebrows, so-called ogle, is not only important eyes, eyebrows for facial features is very important. If not beautiful eyebrows, that can only be finishing the everyday, is called a trouble. Now Korean semi-permanent eyebrows, can let eyebrow vivid, fashionable and natural. A permanent eyebrows is also we usually say that the Korean calm makeup eyebrow. CICI teacher introduce Korean technology. Semi-permanent protruding brows characteristics: 1, camber design: according to the shape of the eyebrows, digitized three-dimensional planning, and the corresponding aesthetic standards, design the most perfect suitable for eyebrow, features. 2, science: in accordance with the eyebrows growth shape, which made all the camber line circulation, color depth is moderate, natural vivid eyebrows. 3, natural color, pure plant strictly USES the import original toner, color is more natural, more fit their temperament, based on optical principle, to eyebrows, eyebrow peak, eyebrows slightly different depth effect, make the brows to fit their own brows degree of light and shade, recovery of stereo shape brows. A permanent eyebrows applicable people 1) Camber of, not ideal, such as eyebrow horoscopes, camber is too wide or too flat; 2) Camber, surgery, laser, such as failure; 3) , due to illness or other reasons cause eyebrows off; 4) And sparse eyebrows, pale; 5) , eyebrow defect caused by trauma or surgery, the eyebrow of scar; 6) Type, upper eyelid skin flabby, demanding better eye, etc. ; 7) , due to the need of professional without time; 8) Asymmetric, on both sides of the eyebrow, eyebrow is not ideal, or are not satisfied with the eyebrow. Advantage: painless, natural recovery time: 5 - After 7 days off scab off scabs will gradually nature. Note 1, item within two weeks before, do not contain aspirin drugs, because will reduce platelet coagulation function. 2, project don't wear makeup. 3, women should avoid menstruation, lactation period. A permanent eyebrows, rich stereo feeling, is the guardian of the eyes. Different forms of eyebrow can show a woman's charm. Brow like a picture frame, can foil a beautiful eyes, good eyebrow can improve the defects of the face; New eyebrow, can make you look brand-new, so to make a pair of good eyebrow, can better show your temperament and charm. Experience in content is for reference only, if you need to solve specific problems ( Especially areas such as law, medicine) , it is recommended that you detailed consulting professionals in related field.
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