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What is the function of false eyelashes?

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
If you still not posted false eyelashes, that means you haven't enjoy it for the amazing changes of the eyes, instantly let his eyes are big and bright! If you do not know how to start, false eyelash or has already started to learn but not to the purpose, let the eyelashes at http://qdhongjidingli. Com/tell you the false eyelash paste technique, absolutely let you change eyelash's got talent! Introduces for you below, chongqing makeup school: let an eye increase first, false eyelash to choose to suit oneself eye to succeed with the increase of the eyes. The choice of the most simple way: according to the size of your double-fold eyelid to determine the length of the false eyelash, that is to say, the eyelid is wider, false eyelash can grow more, such ability to increase the visual double-fold eyelid, and then increase the effect of tension eyes. Tips: single-edged eyelid or within a small double fit in with the short natural false eyelash. Change type and line a truth, the choice is black cotton stalks fake eyelashes, have the effect of the elongated eyes, coupled with fluctuation look line drawing, make eyelash line, genuine, correct type is not perfect eyes. And false eyelash can cover the shadow of the upper eyelid with dark heavy, improve eye ministry stereo feeling. Tips: in addition to fluctuation look line, next eyelash is also changing eye type of weapon. Percentage change senses can solve the false eyelash thin, soft and not easy to finalize the eyelash troubles, the shape of the eyelashes open allows you to immediately look like barbie dolls, eye length, size, shape change, the proportion of facial features would be different. Tips: next eyelash also has a lot of natural and realistic style, single cluster or partial next eyelash, can also be misleading.
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