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What is the Internet

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
2 'Internet +' is innovation. 0 the development of the Internet under the new format, is social innovation knowledge 2. 0 driven by the Internet form of evolution and new forms of the economic and social development. 'Internet +' is the Internet thinking further practice achievement, promote economic form has the evolution unceasingly, thus promote the vitality of social economic entity, to reform, innovation and development to provide broad network platform. Because the Internet is changing, cattle people on the Internet, to be Internet + Montana, Montana entered the Internet + group, Montana Internet + at the beginning of the first is a four and five, Montana Internet + is in the middle of the 2 and 4, put them together, behind the Montana Internet + the most plus wu, a 5 together, in front of the Internet + pop, 'Internet +' is the 'Internet + each traditional industry', but this is not a simple combination, but the use of information communication technology and the Internet platform, the Internet and traditional industries to depth of fusion, create new development. It represents a new social form, that is, make full use of the Internet in the allocation of social resources optimization and integration, incorporates the depth of the innovation of the Internet in economic and social each domain, improve the creativity and productivity of the whole society, the formation of a wider range of internet-based facility and realize the economic development of tools for new form. In December 2015, the journal speaking like a book released 2015 annual 'top ten buzzwords,' Internet + the second. Later, on March 3, the National People's Congress chairman and chief executive officer, the board of directors of the tencent company ma held a press conference in Beijing. Among them, the measures about 'Internet +' landing, ma has a number of Suggestions are put forward. At the same time, tencent's strategy level product application treasure in 2015 launched '+' application, micro download also help Internet + catering, tourism, film and television and other fields O2O applications will touch their own content and services faster for users.
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