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What kind of people's eyes can be divided into types

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
Eye type, namely the type, classification of eyes. Including the peach blossom eye, rui cheng, cheng sleep, willow, almond eyes, the fox eye, two eyes, longan, the phoenix eye, the fawn eye and so on. Edit 1 each characteristic. Peach blossom eye, eye, eye end slightly bent. Around the eyes with a blush, eye if shaped like a peach blossom, long lashes, eye end up become warped, toward the strabismus, behind the black and white is not clear, look like a drunk drunk. Don't smile of time - — Like a peach blossom. Eyes, the eyelids curve radian, double-fold eyelid deep and wide, the inner eye, pointed and the invagination, outside canthus thin and slightly curved, eye end a long. Shaped like a peach blossom petals, eyes blurred, coquetry finish; Laugh - — Like a crescent moon. Eyes smiling, narrowed into two curved crescent moon, very gouhun. Peach blossom eye must satisfy the two conditions, be short of one cannot. With peach blossom eye people always look like at ordinary times didn't wake up, eyes slightly and not focus, vision but exposed outer. If women's long a pair of peach blossom eye, their eyes like a drunk, and delicate and touching, is called a spring of pear flower take rain; If man long a pair of peach blossom eye, eyeful wind, let a person mind. Good peach blossom eye with colour and lustre is plump and even lie silkworm, in order to exert its charm. 2. Rui cheng: eyes, slender and all kinds of eye type hand-drawn sketches ( 5) Close to the corner of my eye pupil, the pupil above a third covered by upper eyelid, eye end up. 3. Cheng: sleep eyes long, more than half a pupil were eyes covered. Cheng Lin daiyu is sleep. 4. Willow eye: eye type than the almond eye is on the thin and flat shape like a willow. 5. Almond eyes: have described zhang fei was angry when the word 'yuanzheng almond eye'. Apricot is round. Almond eyes, as the name implies, is like almond eyes. Characterized by eyelid LieKuan ratio appropriate, is the phoenix eye and fox eyes wide, lateral canthus Angle is blunt, not like peach blossom eye and phoenix eye eye end so long, eye pupil white ratio appropriate, eyelid fold less, mostly in pairs, look clean and clear, and often give a person the feeling of pure finals. Almond-eyed features were generally no peach blossom eye that deep, more show full young than their peers. 6. Fox eye: between cheng and willow eye, concrete can be the photos of the fox. 7. Two eyes: round like two eyes. 8. Longan: eye is big, folds. 9. Phoenix eye: eye type a, become warped on the corner of my eye and long and narrow, the eye of the similar red phoenix in morning. Down its typical characteristic is the inner eye, outer corner up. Thus there are automobile headlight design into phoenix eye shape. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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