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What kind of the grafting eyelash? | small daily TIPS

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
What kind of the grafting eyelash? Grafting eyelash maintenance needs to follow the following principles, may extend the duration of false eyelash. Kind of eyelash more and more popular, now believe that many babies are ready, can really finish kind of eyelash eyes a lot, it doesn't matter if you have any kind of, for today to explain the eyelash with what pay attention to the point: 1. Cleaning before grafting eyelashes to ensure that your lashes without any makeup or oily substances. Because on clean eyelash glue stick firmly. 2. Avoid contact with water, after grafting, grafting eyelash again or repair eyelash, avoid contact with water within three hours. This also means that the grafting eyelash after three hours don't wash bath, or avoid a shower. 3. Avoid contact with water vapor after grafting eyelash, 48 hours to avoid contact with water vapor. Can't do sauna, yoga, or sports to sweat. 4. Avoid to use waterproof cosmetics to avoid using waterproof cosmetics, especially waterproof mascara. Because it will make the glue fracture, grafting eyelash can fall off in advance. 5. If you don't pull your eyelash eyelash becomes freely crisscross, very messy, remember not to use hand pull your eyelash, otherwise, not only the eyelash grafting will be pulling down, natural lashes are you pulled apart or cause drag mark. Suggest use eyelash brush from the root ministry of eyelash to tail comb through your lashes. 6. Reinforcement using special eyelash fluid can effectively remove the dust on the eyelash, cleaning grease stain on eyelash, make eyelash grow fast. With pure natural plant glue can make grafting eyelash more strong, straight.
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