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What's the difference between a sable flocking and mink? Sable hair good or sable hair good

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
To determine the sable hair good or sable hair good, must be to distinguish different materials. Mink against the skin layer on the bottom is the sable cloth with soft nap, outside layer of the guard hair, known as the mink, sable hair good or sable hair good? Mink precious, now the domestic market more raccoon coat in alternative mink, thus judgment to distinguish between the two guide sable hair good or sable hair good? Currently on the market called & amp; 宝贝, Sable hair ', not only refers to the real fuzz on a mink fur animals, there is a kind of mixture textile and chemical fibre yarn fabrics, also known as 'sable hair', use it can also be made into elegant and warm warm winter clothing such as a sweater coat. Mink ( Guard hair) Beautiful, sable hair ( Bottom MAO) Warm sable hair good or sable hair good? Mink ( Guard hair) Beautiful, sable hair ( Bottom MAO) To keep warm, they are indispensable parts of mink, cannot be separated from the comparison. Mink is one of the 'northeast sambo', known as 'the king of cho,' said. Mink belongs to fine fur, fur, pedal is good, soft and strong, rich and plush, colour and lustre is sleek. Made of fur clothing, it is elegant, is the ideal fur products. Mink is divided into zi mink and mink. With mink is relatively rare, mink output, expensive, have the laudatory title of 'king' in qiu, therefore people has become a symbol of wealth. Abroad, known as 'soft gold'. Mink with 'wind skin maomao warmer, snow falls fur vanish, rain skin maomao don't wet' three major characteristics. Mixture textile and chemical fibre artificial sable flocking sable or sable hair good? Sable hair, there is another product, it is as expensive 'mink fur plush fat, personal warmth of wool fabrics, is not the fuzz on a mink fur animals. It is usually a raccoon hair, rabbit hair, and other different kinds mixture textile and chemical fiber material. According to the chemical fiber material of the specifications of the subdivided into: long fiber ( filament) , staple ( 旋转) , superfine fiber ( 微 摇粒绒) 。 Among them, the superfine quality is very good, the price is too high. Compared with other chemical fiber yarn, the sable hair sable hair line with plush fat, colour and lustre is smooth, feel is smooth, soft, the characteristics of personal warmth. Made sweater coat winter clothing such as it is elegant, and has a good ability to keep out the cold. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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