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What? The goddess by eye hook, but you can't even glued false eyelash stick?

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
Each time you brush figure, see the goddess of black of big eyes temptation is really let a person envy, literally a recruit is eye. Is also eyeliner, mascara, but the effect is not somebody else good, reason is the false eyelashes! Learn to natural paste false eyelash, your eyelash will look a lot better, successful bid farewell to fly legs, makeup look more perfect! A lot of people daily makeup is not wear false eyelashes, sticky, but should be discharge makeup will feel very troublesome. Actually otherwise, oh, take a few minutes of your time, you could just enlarge eyes, shining, not learn oh really will regret it. Natural or nature of false eyelash is sparse, dense distribution more uniform, in fact, with his eyelashes, a thin layer. Comparison of dense thick, dark, also longer. Natural effect of eyelash more lightsome, natural, almost can't see wear false eyelashes. Suitable for light make-up, naked makeup! Thick effect this more roll become warped, clever, charm, to smoke, party and other makeup can hold well. Eye have super power? ! What do you want effect, fairies can choose according to their own makeup demand. In fact, 99% of girls don't wear false eyelashes. This result is very bad? Of course not wear also wear long, sticky will open again and again, poor technology. So, the key to the, how wear! STEP1 / clip eyelash wear before need to draw look line, the eyelash clip of yourself, become warped on eyelash natural effect. Lashes drooping blow hot air blow eyelash curler, not hot clip together will stay longer. STEP2 / cut off than false eyelash type to suit his eyes after the length of the clip, eye head set aside from three false eyelashes, avoid the status of the card, and eye end just can. STEP3 / bending is also need to clamp the oh, false eyelash clip after reoccupy hand rub your back and forth, make it more soft, avoid and interlayer between the original eyelash, after wearing more comfortable. STEP4 dip in with the eyelash glue/take eyelash glue coating on the eyelash terrier, end with a little more, because the two parts is easy to open. When the glue dry up along eyelash glue. STEP5 / stick eyelash tweezers can be used, can also use the hand, stick in the middle first, then stick on both sides, as far as possible close to the eyelashes oh, sticky eye head, eye end, using tweezers grip the eyelash root gelling paragraph, with a little force to eye head roots and then fixed, and also with eye end, so that the two have become double-fold eyelid. STEP6 / line up after the glue don't forget to fill the gap between the true and false eyelashes look line, if you don't want to look too heavy, lightly. STEP7 / mascara apply mascara brush, brush upward from the root, Z glyph moving back and forth, this brush out more evenly will also have a fixed effect. Ok, is there any think instant magnified 10 times! Sometimes hands with residual party easy to knot rocks, special is not natural. Say good light make-up are always too thick is too strong, the discharge is certainly too late at this moment. Why on earth so natural beauty makeup blogger, spikes and clear? So what is the secret and persistent with root trenchant root? Above is the skill with root trenchant root, don't know if you have get to, slowly to, don't try so hard, one day will be different. The last small remind: false eyelash can also be reused after cleaning oh, but unfavorable repeat use too many times, we have various styles of false eyelashes, welcome to inquire!
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