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Why 80% of girls will choose the kinds of grafting eyelash mink fur grafting

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
Popular fashion eyelash, of which the last people praise highly the beauty of nasociliary technology is grafted eyelashes. Although we often go to grafting eyelash or often listen to the people around about grafting eyelash, however, our understanding of grafting eyelash also have certain limits. So now, let us first to know about the kinds of grafting eyelash. From the classification of synthetic material on the grafting eyelash eyelash advantages: low prices, diverse styles, individual color can choose faults: material hard, heavy and easy to collapse eyelash eyelash silk protein fiber advantages: weight are the lightest of the three, not easily collapsing the eyelash, has a certain shape and roll become warped degrees weakness: the design is less, the mink fur between the three advantages: close to the real hair, hair soft, natural burnish feels pretty good also disadvantages: like human hair, the water volume easy to fall, there is no thickness optional natural advantages: MAO really soft, natural, but need to care: most natural lashes are fake, if any, will be because there is no life without luster, especially without elasticity, waterproof, should not be used for the eyelash grafting. From roll become warped eyelash degree of grafting eyelash classification C: crimp degree is stronger, useful volume wool implement rolled up feeling, looks like a doll, but with natural eyelash paste part is weak, easy to fall off. J: natural roll up at the end, suitable for asians use eyelash, very natural, the most popular. 。 With natural eyelash paste part is stronger, keep for a long time. D: can make the sparse eyelash appears thick, do not need to paste the eyelash, grafting time is shorter, can be used to highlight the middle section. Matters needing attention when choosing eyelash length: choose 9 mm - 13 mm eyelash best, can make designed for natural eyelash length. Curly shape: the most suitable form natural eyelash, curly overly difficult to maintain for a long time, the simulation of eyelash is not natural, slightly exaggerated. Sheen: half light plating thickness: A, 0. 10mm( Suitable for) B, 0。 15mm( The most commonly used eyelash) C, 0。 20mm( Need to emphasize, appropriate to add. ) What kinds of grafting best we start with artificial eyelash eyelash, relative to the other two kinds of eyelash, synthetic eyelash is hard, but its degree of roll become warped and shape is better, after grafting, can clearly reflect the ciliary effect. Protein fiber eyelash is very much also, the kinds of eyelash with silk protein fiber as an example, this is the most close to natural eyelash eyelash, softer, has a certain shape and roll become warped degrees, grafting effect is very natural. Finally the mink fur, which is a kind of extremely soft eyelashes, after grafting, besides can make eyelashes thick, long, also very soft and comfortable. So comprehensive, grafting effect is one of the best mink coat. , of course, can also according to your needs, with reference to the above advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of rational to choose the most appropriate eyelash grafting.
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