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Why are supernatural false eyelashes on the others eyes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
Weibo friends circle was hot a few days ago turned a topic called # # why poor girl, that is girl want to buy a cleanser, toner, lotion, perfume, powder, eye shadow, etc. Eighty kinds of beauty makeup, and articles for daily use. Participate in the crowd began to clap thigh said can't agree more, but only one thing a lot of people said to himself. Alas, is false eyelashes! This seemingly ordinary beauty makeup false eyelash gadgets, speak really, how many girls love for a lifetime, hate all his life. Their sister a catch a big, but when I saw the street nightclub wind thick false eyelash, everybody's heart and is almost collapse. Don't let's really and so deep reason shallow false eyelash? No, no, no, show Chinese red today decided to open a 'sister can also be posted on the nature of false eyelash' courses. Analysis of a why nature of false eyelash stick in others eyes? Part1 look at the shape of the eye to choose false eyelashes, it is very important, after all, false eyelash is posted in the eyes, as far as possible with eye shape matching, to get his degree. That is why many sister always like to buy a bunch of various styles of false eyelashes, found that money thrown into the sea. Red show Chinese, therefore, choose a few eye first representative type of star, let you feel: oh, the original false eyelashes so choose? ! Restoring ancient ways of Chinese traditional phoenix eye to say in the female star who phoenix eye beauty, head popped up l. Although the fairy sister itself already have god's eyes, but still cannot leave a false eyelash help acting activities. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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