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You can't draw after grafting eyelash eye makeup?

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
'I want to play on the chun-kai wang eyelash slides! 'TFBOYS seduction of imagination can! Grafting eyelash can realize your desire, let everybody can make eyelash slides, to feel the charm of the grafting eyelash. Girls all want to have a natural long eyelashes, hence the eyelash grafting technique arises at the historic moment! It is may call it the greatest invention in the 21st century, beauty makeup. And so many sister grafting eyelash, not just because of the effect is really great! An eye instantly change big! Like a barbie doll! And still don't put on mascara! Makeup can't again convenient! But many sister after grafting is a little afraid to draw the eye makeup, afraid of beautiful eyelash are a little bit hurt ~ only fly fly eyelash certainly not too beautiful! We will simply beautiful make the gods cry can! In fact after grafting eyelash also can make up the dalai! First with beauty salon transparent finalize the design liquid brush roll become warped eyelash eyelash! Can keep the good roll become warped ~ won't fall down! With matching eyelash comb to comb the eyelash line part, do not have to draw a complete line of ~ only in eye end part extends upward can, naturally! As a way to save eye makeup to reduce the damage eyelash eyelash root discharge! A box of simple and joker color eye shadow of earth to a eye shadow can! To do with the earth color eye base with the most shallow bright eye shadow to lie silkworm, don't forget to do with brunet eye shadow under the upper eyelid and eye end connection simple eye makeup is complete! In this way can simple eye shadow more foil a eyelash clever! Makeup you makeup! Babies will think makeup will be destroyed grafting eyelashes! But won't ~ with mild discharge makeup oil discharge makeup oil applied directly in the hands, gently massage on the face with the hand, the eye must more gently to oh! Cleaning with foam cleanser, and then rinse off you can! This is not damage to our grafting eyelashes! The overall makeup look, to the most perfect! So the grafting eyelash babies can rest assured bold painting makeup!
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