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by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
Many girls about the false eyelash, associated with the night the wind is a thick smoke. Actually false eyelashes than we imagined widely the application scope of many, not just hard as attractive magic eye in the stage, in daily makeup false eyelashes also plays a very important role, in the hands of a master of false eyelash with root trenchant root can even nature more than mascara, and don't have to worry about hot day makeup paste to rub on the face. So how to choose, how to wear, how to make it with your own hair appear like nature itself, the time came that the test technology. Material is very important on the market to buy material false eyelash is varied, in addition to the more popular man-made fibers, and horsehair ( Relatively strong) , mink ( Soft) , the fox fur ( For the color) That dog's hair (pigs Domestic 3 without black factory) , MAO ( ……) And for stage makeup to other exaggeration to heaven bird feathers. One of the most recommended or real hair, first of all, because the person is the most natural MAO, the second is because the mascara with better than artificial wool at the same time. Buying accer ding the false eyelash, its very professional in the field of false eyelash. Alert to buy a 'dirty' manufacturer 3 without hair dog hair products, can cause eye irritation and infection. Styles determine your Style like fan is very heavy, dense false eyelash can appear makeup daily makeup a deputy nature will do the trick, and chicken feet are naked makeup artifact, put one two or three of one eye, like nature itself, there is no false eyelash. So many words, ready to get started. Stick a false eyelash that sort of thing, still need to practice to master the truth. Stick eyelash to prepare a pair of false eyelash. Eyelash glue ( Here recommend DUO brand, public praise good big, dry fast is not easy to drop, more than half minutes milky white liquid will become transparent, but it is a bit weird. 。 ) Eyelash curler arc used to trim maomao small scissors tweezers mouth installation steps themselves true eyelash eyelash clip to clip a clip, who also don't want to stick out double right after a while, very horrible. Use scissors to trim the first false eyelash, make it adapt to the length of his eyes, standardization production fur is certainly cannot joint type each person's eye, can yourself in the mirror on the eyes. The gluing. Use tweezers to prevent hand shake, be careful not to let ran onto the eyelash glue. Wait for half a minute to minute, the glue will become translucent. With a sticker with forceps, close to our roots and hold still waiting for him to stick on. ( On the true eyelash below will be more natural) To fit a slight adjustment, pay attention to eye head and eye end to fit. The final step, appreciate. After installation, can look line, pay attention to fill the eyelashes. Also can see the mood brush a brush mascara, let love true eyelashes and false eyelash to fit together. It is important to note when discharge makeup, don't will be torn down violence, false eyelash becomes pulled a few back to you without LIDS star. Uninstall instructions used special eye lip makeup water soak a cotton pad. Apply on the eyes like a panda. Wait ten seconds. The glue has gradually softened, can gently take down the false eyelash. If eyelash is very expensive, wipe clean the glue and the makeup can also be recycled back into the box above. Use eye makeup remover, specifically for sensitive parts of the eye, gently, do not stimulate the skin. Dip in with time must remember to put wet make up cotton apply a few seconds, slowly to, don't be violent. Finally a little Tip false eyelashes don't wash. Don't always go to touch it, be careful of falling human tragedy. Suggest reuse times is not too much, this is consumable cannot use the end of time. Section post more natural than the whole. Heard of the false eyelash help stars are one makeup artist is cut out to stick on it.
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